70 years of history

It won three times the award for the best “Pastel de Nata.”

The core business of Aloma still is the making of “Pastel de Nata”, since it was this pastry that allowed us to be famous, with the victory in three years in the 2012, 2013 and 2015 awards.

alomo pastel
aloma store
aloma pastel lisboa

Bread Business

With the acquisition of new facilities, in the centre of Lisbon, we “inherited” the bread side of business and therefore we opened a new side of our business. With this heritage we initiated the opening to new clients but always having the same base, the idea to open our doors to Premium clients. In this way we started to sell bakery and pastry products to big Hotel chains and for some reference restaurants in the Lisbon District. With seven decades of history in Bairro Campo de Ourique, in Lisbon, Aloma has a long standing history filled with flavours and tradition, both for older and younger generations.

aloma store lisboa

Aloma Campo de Ourique, Chiado, Amoreiras, El Corte
Inglês, Aeroporto – O Mercado, Aeroporto – Loja Portfólio
e no Jardim Constantino

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