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by Marta Leite Castro

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Bello, Piangers e Foster

These were some of the Speakers who came from Brazil to participate in the second edition of Rock in Rio Innovation Week.

They spoke about their participation in the event marked by enthusiasm, exchange of experiences and which places people as the main agent for transforming their own lives and building a better world.

André Bello

André Bello

André Bello is a teacher, author and speaker. TEDx Organizer and TEDxSpeaker. Co-founder of Singularity University Brazil Summit, Advisor of Rock in Rio Innovation Week in Portugal and Ambassador of the movement How To Innovate.

André Bello

«I have a clear memory of my first conversation with Agatha Arêas about the (then embryonic) Rock in Rio Innovation Week. It was in the beginning of 2018. The idea of combining all the magnitude and impact of Rock in Rio into a modern and inspiring educational approach made my eyes shine and my heart beat. I was facing enormous transformation potential about to be awakened.

I witnessed the formation of a truly special group. Visionaries and enthusiasts who looked at technological transformations through a critical, constructive and optimistic perspective. They understood that the world is undergoing a transformation without precedent, on an exponential scale. And more…! I was sharing purposes with people who believed that we are at the best moment of human history.

At the last event, a few days ago, I had the privilege of acting as an advisor and speaker. I participated in the collective construction of a vision beyond bits and bytes. I witnessed a great team taking steps ahead of the Internet of Things, Machine Learning or Augmented Reality. Proposing something more than the high-tech hype that has been flooding the business events and conversation circles throughout the world.

I first saw Rock in Rio Innovation Week breaking the frontier of technological innovation, making a giant leap towards human abundance.

They were days of inspiration, experimentation and connection with incredible people. Revolutionary, practical, transforming ideas and passionate conversations. Unique feelings that have amplified the traditional ways of facing the challenges of life and of the world.

Rock in Rio is one of the most inspiring brands on the planet, and being among the good makes us better. Back in Brazil, the reminiscences insist on existing in my mind and in my heart. And, I am sure, they will stay with me forever.»

Marcos Piangers

Marcos Piangers is author of the best seller “O Papai é Pop”, with more than 300 thousand books sold and launched in Portugal, Spain, England and United States. He is a specialist in new technologies, creativity, innovation and one of the biggest references in the country on parenthood. He has given classes and lectures for the greatest events and national companies, besides having been, for five times, a speaker at TED, the world’s greatest ideas conference. His videos have already surpassed the mark of 400 million views on Facebook.

Marcos Piangers

«I felt very special for participating in Rock in Rio Innovation Week, especially because it happened in the first day of the event. I have good friends that were invited for this edition and it was very exciting to see them in the audience, knowing that after that, during the 5 days of the event, they were going to touch and inspire this qualified audience. For me, personally, having my own lecture was very exciting and I felt very welcome. After the lecture, dozens of people came to hug me, praise the content and say that they also want to make a difference in the world. There is no doubt our attitude changes things surrounding us.»

Lucas Foster

Psychologist, specialist in creative leadership and founder of ProjectHub, the first global network for entrepreneurs of the creative economy established in Brazil, Lucas Foster led several relationship and investment programs between large companies and entrepreneurs. He is the founder of Creative Brazil Prizes, the official award of the Brazilian Creative Economy, having counted on the institutional support of UNESCO in his last edition. Foster founded the World Creativity Day, a date that began to be globally supported by the UN in 2018 and impacted more than 300.000 people in more than 60 cities of 5 different countries.

Lucas Foster

Lucas Foster

Lucas Foster shared his experience in Rock in Rio Innovation Week.

«We were very well impressed with Portugal’s effervescence and enthusiasm with subjects related to creativity and innovation. The city of Lisbon is already a hub of connections when the subject is technology and entrepreneurship in Europe and we loved the experience of participating in Rock in Rio Innovation Week in Portugal. With the radical changes in the economy and society caused by the digital revolution and the emergence of industry 4.0, Europe needs to increasingly invest in attracting young talents and training a new generation of professionals and entrepreneurs.

Our enthusiasm with Portugal relies precisely on the perception that the country took over this leading role and that Rock in Rio Innovation Week became one of the main meeting points of the country’s creative ecosystem.

As founder of the World Creativity Day, I have no doubts that in 2020 we will have even more cities and activities accomplished by leaders in Portugal and that we will be back next year to celebrate this achievement with you.»

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