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by Marta Leite Castro

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It arrives in Portugal.

The first Greek brand of natural cosmetic products was born 39 years ago in a pharmacy in Athens and today we can found the brand in 14 countries. Portugal is the most recent one.

APIVITA is known for the combination of natural active ingredients, plants extracts that come from Greece with an organic certification attached, by-products from bees with high nutritional value and organic essential oils.

Queen BEE

Queen BEE

It is the first holistic anti-ageing range of Greek royal jelly, encapsulated in liposomes, and with 12% active natural ingredients. QUEEN BEE products act effectively in all signs of skin ageing.

Inspired by the Mediterranean diet, APIVITA created a range of products called Express Beauty, a range of Masks & exfoliates, created and based with raw materials from the Mediterranean area that are indicated for the face, eye contour and hair. You can use different ingredients every week.


A Natural, More Efficient and Holistic concept.

APIVITA defines itself “more than just a natural cosmetics brand, it is a company whose philosophy is based on values, social responsibility, tradition and innovation.”.

APIVITA products will be in store at Pharmacies and Parapharmacies, this and other products that go from face hygiene to anti-ageing creams and serums, lipsticks, sun protectors and a range of products for childrens.

childs creams

About the Founders:

A history of the founders, Nikos and Niki Koutsiana, two young pharmaceuticals that were inspired by the bee culture, by the unique biodiversity of Greek nature and the holistic approach of Hippocrates to beauty, health and well-being.

The first natural cosmetic that they created, even before APIVITA, was a black soap with an aroma of thyme, using by-products from bees, such as propolis, honey and royal jelly, plants extracts and essential oils.

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