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by Marta Leite Castro

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Be Well

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The name Be Well stands for the kind of products that are used in the this project, that started initially with the salads in a jar and a three-day Detox programme, soup based. Marta Wanhon had a very positive feedback and decided to bet on the development of the concept.

1. How did the idea to create this business, Be Well by Marta Wanhon, come about?

It was a very natural process, no hurry; I’ve always enjoyed and sought to have a balanced diet, but to put that into practice, in my head it was hard to achieve! I started by listening to my husband who always praised my seasonings, he never gets tired of saying that I can “play” with tastes and transform a mere salad into a tempting dish, so from there I literally rolled up my sleeves and gave it a try: increase the number of experiences, learn with and listen to experts.


And that was it, after several experiences, Marta extended her knowledge in this area, so she went at fairs, in London, like “Fare Healthy 2017”, and at congresses, seminars on nutrition, even quantic medicine. She “ I believe our mind must be opened to a bit of everything until we are able to judge for ourselves.

2. Which are the most searched for products?

Detox products, no doubt! But what the majority of customers do is complement the remaining week with other products to maintain that discipline and for those days when one feels like “committing a sin”, then one must commit that sin in due manner; right now with these cold temperatures, choices are detox soups for dinner and small jars of fruits and supplements which can be used for breakfast and/or as a snack, besides the added-value of being portable.

3. Salad packages are quite daring, is that also the idea: eat well and eat healthy with a touch of sophistication?

There a saying that goes: “we eat first with our eyes”; we use that idea but it’s not our main focus; Be Well wishes to protect its image maintaining a coherent Communication line according to its basic principle and from that point on, we combine creativity from food and packages. It’s a very interesting and cool job.


All the programs are prepare with the supervision and coordination of nutritionists. “My degree is in Communication, I love what I do but I don’t pretend to use a title which I don’t hold: I’m just an healthy food lover”.

4. The full three Steps Detox is also highly popular. What it is exactly?

It was designed thinking about those who enjoy eating, feeling flavours and simultaneously reducing sallowness and losing weight but not solely by drinking liquids. In this set of three kits (each one for three days and for three weeks), you’ll be surprised with jars with fruit flavours at breakfast and/or as a snack, chocolate hummus, Shrimp Buddha Bowls or pumpkin and apple soup; these are only some examples that you will find when you order the program that will help you renew your energy, get rid of toxins and of the excesses committed! More important that the weight is how well your metabolism works – this is why we feel good, the Light of our Energy!


Desserts are a true success and very practical with various flavours, rich in vitamins and minerals, and very complete.

5. Desserts are a true surprise, and people seem to love them. Which is the customers’ favourite one?

Right now we have a line of 12 jars and the most ordered ones are: ginger, coconut, mango and apple and chocolate… and of course passion fruit and raspberry. At my place, I know how it works. On Mondays, when orders start, I add at least two jars in each for my family!

6. What about workshops? Does the public sign up for that kind of thing?

Workshops are another consequence of what I have been doing, the customers themselves suggest topics and ask for the workshops to take place; It is something I enjoy a lot, I love to communicate, interact, explain a little bit more about the relation food vs. health. Its’ with great pleasure that I see an increasing number of people willing to change their diet to attain better quality of life and not only to lose weight.

Customized service“

But for me, there is nothing like talking to the customer face to face, because if there is one thing we believe in at Be Well is Follow-up, and most importantly when you are ordering a 1st Detox plan, we explain everything in detail and we request relevant info from the customer. We believe in a customized service, we enjoy getting to know the customer because the truth is that we are taking care of someone and that requires attention, detail and dedication.”


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