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by Marta Leite Castro

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Brigadeirando in Lx Factory

In doubt, be sweet!

In miniature, in cake, pie, jar, or even in salami, are some of the possibilities that you can find here to taste brigadeiros.

Carolina Henke

It was the destiny! Carolina Henke after finishing the Master in Marketing in Covilhã chosed Portugal to live.
Lisbon was the city that Carolina chose and after eleven years, built a family, opened the Cafe in the Factory and later the Brigadeirando in Lx Factory.
She will open two more spaces from “Brigadeirando”.

“I have been living in Portugal for 11 years. I came for my Master’s degree in Marketing, but staying was never the plan. I wanted to adventure on a new culture and then come back to my nest… However, life surprised me in a good way, and at the end of my Master’s I needed to find a real place where I could offer marketing consulting services with the purpose of increasing the company’s average revenue…

That was how I started at the Lx Factory, I looked at the coffee shop at Fábrica and it was love at first site. It wasn’t difficult to convince the owner to let me move on with the project… It worked… Today, Café na Fábrica is mine and I can say that the “pretend” consulting work became the biggest truth of my professional history… I could write a book about it…”


So, that is how I describe myself: adventurous, fearless when it comes to making mistakes, and a believer in trying until you make things work…  A lot more heart than reason. I’ve come a long way…

1. How did the concept of Brigadeirando come to be?

I’ve had this idea for a while… Despite the fact that it is quite audacious to open a store to sell only brigadeiros… why not?! I come from a city (São Paulo) where this concept worked, why would it be different in Lisbon?!?!

2. When did you open? And how was it accepted back then?

We opened three years ago… And it was much easier than I could’ve imagined… We worked on brand strategy and in the acceptance of a new product, in a new culture…. And it actually worked 🙂

3. It is visible that the products sold have been evolving in terms of variety. What products are available today?

The magic is in being able to create without losing the essence… And that is what the brigadeiro is… We offer a great variety of flavors, and based on them we create the pies, chocolate salamis, cakes and mini-cakes.

4. Do you customize the orders?

It depends on what the client wants, but yes, we do that.

5. Will you open new stores of the same brand?

We are opening two more Brigadeirando stores: one at Casa Pau Brasil in Príncipe Real, and another with a slightly different concept, which is our “Lab Brigadeirando”, also in the Lx Factory, where customers will be able to see the magic happening.

6. What are the plans for Brigadeirando’s future?

Next step! Open in Porto! Grow without losing quality and the charms of the brand.

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