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by Marta Leite Castro

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Macramé Pieces

Ana Morais, after launching her first collection and after receiving her first batch of orders, soon realized that she wasn’t able to reconcile her new project with her day-to-day work as in marketing and communication. She had to make a choice. “I had the perception that I was doing something different, that in Portugal no one was doing the same thing.”. Then she decided to take the risk and today it has her on-line store. She is based in Espinho where she dedicated to this new form of art that it is mesmerizing the Portuguese that look for unique, stunning and delicate pieces, that grant charisma and beauty to each house.


1.How did you come up with the idea of making pieces in macramé?

Four years ago, to occupy the free time I had during my maternity leave (while I was in maternity leave with a lot of free time) I decided to embrace a new form of art, the Macramé. In Portugal there was almost nothing about these decorative pieces, for which I had fallen in love with and was used to see in foreign home decoration magazines.


2.Did it take a lot of time to put the idea into action?

Initially I was only making some pieces at home, but the feedback I got from my friends was so positive that I was convinced into sharing with the world what I was doing. Why not?! And the first collection was born. I worked in the new pieces, created a site, shared my work, and the following day everything was sold out. I soon realized I was not going have time for this new project and for my job in marketing and communication, so I made a choice.


3.How would you describe yourself, and how did that influence you work?

I like to be in constant change. I am passionate for fashion, photography, design and architecture and I love to follow the trends in those areas.


4.Besides the personalized pieces do you also manufacture women’s accessories?

Yes, it was a decision I took for the 2017 spring collection: yoga bags, beach bags, backpacks, towel and camera buckles. They had an unexpected good response.


5.You also do events’ decorations. How did that business diversification come up?

People follow me in the social media where I post parts of my house, how do I decorate and organize it. I was constantly being asked for tips and advice and one day I was asked to do some giant pieces for a wedding. From that moment on a lot of brides started asking me for the same.



You also give workshops. Have you had a lot of requests for Macramé?

Four years ago, when I started in this business, there was very little of Macramé. About two years ago there was a boom and a lot of people stated asking me to teach. Until now, almost all of the workshops were fully booked.

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