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by Marta Leite Castro

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Confortable and funny

A project that came after Sofia was born, she is the daughter of Sandra Barradas, the creator of Cherrypapaya, felt the necessity of clothes that were comfortable and funny at the same time. Sandra joined together all of this factors, with 20 years of experience.

The result? The brand Cherrypapaya, a brand for children clothes which stands out for its comfortable fabric, its originality and being is to wear.

1. How did the Cherrypapaya brand come about?

The main person responsible for the appearance of this brand was my daughter Sofia. Sofia was born in 2011 and in Portugal, at that time, there were no clothes labels for children that were, at the same time, comfortable and fun, with a more modern touch.

I knew exactly what kind of clothes I liked, and what materials would be used, and how everything could be done in Portugal. This was how the Sweet and Fresh collection, often known as the Ice-Cream Collection, came into being.

2. Sandra already had some experience in the textile business. Did this factor help the project?

It was, and still is, a key factor. I have qualifications and 20 years of experience in this segment but, even so, there are always surprises in this segment. However, I love it, and cannot imagine my work in any other way. I like visiting the suppliers and seeing things happen. After all these years, it is still a magical experience to go to a printing shop and seeing the birth of something that I had mulled over for many months. It is a great pleasure for me to work in close liaison with the suppliers.

3. How would you define the concept of the Cherrypapaya brand?

We produce clothes that children wish to wear, and that are durable. This concept extends well beyond that of sustainability; we use 100% organic cotton of premium quality, so that the clothes may be used by many children. Here at home we test this concept as much as possible.

I often hear that our e-shirts and our denim trousers are the ones most in demand, and used to the limit!

4. What was the origin of the name Cherrypapaya?

At the time, I had a blog together with my sister. The name was Manga and Papaya, suggested by my husband. I took to the name straight away.

5. Does each collection have a story that brings all the items together?

Yes, we tell stories in all seasons. These stories are always closely linked to my family, and to the things we like most.

Our most recent collection, Summer 2018, which was brought out in March, was inspired by the Boa Nova Lighthouse at Leça da Palmeira where I live. I really like starting with one element and then developing the clothes collection around one common theme.

6. Do you see quality as an essential requirement?

Without any doubt, babies deserve the best. We have chosen the best organic cottons produced in Portugal, I am quite sure of this.

We are also very careful when we choose the colours for our line of babywear, as the baby’s skin is very sensitive and easily reacts to darker hues. The feedback we have been receiving is proof that we are on the right track.

7. The supply of this brand of clothing is centered on clothes up to what age bracket?

We cater to the ages between 3 months and 11 years, and offer special editions for Mothers.

However, next year we shall offer a range from NB (new-born) to L/XL. We have new products currently in the oven.

8. Do you see digital or online resources as an incredible tool within your business?

Sure. Without the digital resources, we would not have been able to create our Brand.

We launched the brand back in 2014, and have managed to secure significant visibility. In the first month of operations, we received contacts from several different countries, and managed to place the brand on the market in 5 countries.

This was something totally unexpected, we were not aware of the sheer strength of the brand, and were not prepared for it either.

9. How has the international side been dealt with?

The year 2017 was very important. We had two years’ preparation and then finally, last year, we were present at two reference trade fairs in Italy and France (Playtime and Pitti Bimbo). We obtained excellent results, and we are now fully aware that our growth can be really impressive. Nowadays, the responsibility is much greater, but we are confident.

At this moment, we are gearing up for the Summer 2019 collection, which shall be presented first-hand in Florence on 21 June.

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