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by Marta Leite Castro

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5th Edition – Digital Marketing and Online Sales

Business Director Martim Mariano shared the successful results of this year’s editon, full house. It’s the result of a team effort!

1.The event was sold out for the two days, and I would say it is definitely rewarding to see the Lispólis full?

It was very rewarding, indeed! The two-day-event is the highest point of a joint effort of an entire team for more than six months. It feels amazing to have a full house on both days and see the satisfaction and approval on people’s face. For those who organize an event such as this, the first major parameter to consider is: a full house.

2. Among the international speakers, can I highlight James Sinclair, and say that his was a unique presentation, one from a true business man show?

Totally. He is out of this world and amazingly nice, at all levels. He has created content almost every day based on his talk in the event. To me, James Sinclair was a great surprise. The energy is contagious, and he is very thought-provocative. He is so great on stage and in how he faces life and work that it makes him absolutely fascinating and inspiring.

3. I believe that Financial Literacy was a very interesting topic on the panel discussions.

It was. And participants considered it one of the most interesting discussions. Feedback from Twitter was immediate. Actually, in an event of this magnitude, public opinion has great power.

The comments were great, moderation was very well prepared and highly praised. Personally, I was especially happy with this, since I was the one who chose Pedro Anderson as a moderator for this particular discussion. I met Pedro many years ago at SIC, where we worked together. And after Pedro, we had Janine Medeira and Bárbara Barroso who, with all their ease, took care of the rest, which was a lot. We say that speakers are responsible for the success of an event, and this year we had amazing speakers, indeed.

4. Which were the most powerful moments on both days?

That is a hard question. We had many great things on the 1st day, from the simulation of a cyberattack performed live in the auditorium by the Spanish Alberto Rodas, to the discussion between PJ and PSP about the dark side of social networks, in addition to the amazing floods in the Innovation room (something we did not expect at all) to see Licor Beirão’s case study. Then there was the much awaited and divisive talk by James Norris on digital legacy. Inês Drummond Borges, from Worten, also gave a very interesting talk and then we had the showman James Sinclair.

From the 2nd day maybe we could highlight the talks given by Paula Cordeiro, João Vitória and João Cortinhas, who were the most talked about, not mentioning Eric Fulwiler, Gary Vaynerchuck’s colleague…

Anyway, it is not easy to pick the strongest moments…

5. We are, indeed, facing a daily challenge in Digital Marketing. Are people ready to take on such a huge task?

They have to be. There is no turning back. Those who do not feel ready should start taking such a vital communication area for companies into consideration. Today, it is as essential to communicate what we have and what we do through the various digital channels as it was to invest in TV commercials a few years ago. Companies need to be where people are, and everyone is, on a daily basis, immerse in a digital living, addicted to the digital world, living their lives around such privileged communication channels.

6. What makes the ClickSummit different from other events?

We can say that it is the relentless search for increasing one’s Digital Literacy in our country. Also, we focus a lot of our efforts in choosing the best speakers, and the right speakers make up 90% of an event’s success. And then there is, in my opinion, as I have been a participant, a moderator, and now as part of the organization, a family-like atmosphere made up from people who know each other, who are familiar with each other’s work, and really enjoy listening and getting to know the strategies and results that support their work.

7. You had a Twitter hall at the event.

And there is something else that seems to be a great plus and is, in fact, quite unique: we have a twitter wall and encourage the constant sharing of opinions and questions in Twitter, for example. And we also give away prizes to those who engage in this activity.

Anyway, we are not the best in the world, but we are very good at what we are trying to achieve with this event. Frederico Carvalho has a huge responsibility in the Portuguese world of Digital Marketing. He has created an amazing event – and there have been already three on-site editions – and it is becoming a reference for this market. I take a lot of pride in being a part of it.

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