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by Marta Leite Castro

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The new starehouse of art and design

The Collectors Marvila, a storehouse of 3000m2 that gather more than ten brands, studios and workshops in one place. It has opened last February. It opens every day, all day and it is pretended to become a mandatory destiny from the area that has more growth in the city, call by many as “Brooklin Alfacinha”.


It was born by the hand of the Vintage Department, a store that has its place at Príncipe Real, in Lisbon. Comporta e Porto whose founders are Emily Tomé and Alma Mollemans, the greatest boosters of the Colletors project. It was them whom transformed this temporary space into a nice and functional place, prepared to receive into this big area many stores, artists and brands.

The Collectors it is not only made by design pieces, old furniture, photography, it is also about foodtrucks, events, musical sessions, cinema, or pop up stores. “There are no limits for what can happen in this space that will be in constant movement in the next months.”


The mentors of this project, Alma Mollemans and Emily Tomé, they opened the Vintage Department out of passion, out of pleasure of seek, restore and sell pieces that they like. They are since 2014 in the concept store, Entretanto, Príncipe Real in Lisboa. “Many pieces from the store were rented for tv shows, commercials and photo sessions and the walls are almost always used for exhibitions of art and photo.”

Presents Brands

Babled Design, Banema, Barbudo Aborrecido, Diane Giraud, Foodtruck Ilegítimo, A Mid Mod, Studio Astolfi, UTIL, Yellow Korner, Yen Sung. The storehouse was back in the day a food factory and now it will become a luxurious condominium that will be named as “Prateato”. However, until the demolishing starts it was given a new life, still ephemerous, to this central space with a squared mezzanine that fulfil all the first floor, five with cubes inside and another storehouse attached also for usage.

Every day from 11am to 8pm.
Rua Pereira Henriques, 6, Marvila

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