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by Marta Leite Castro

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Cris Maria

From Geologist Engineer to Jewelry

Cristina Costa worked as a Geologist Engineer for 17 years. Currently she is dedicated to the project she has always wanted, an Atelier and Shop called Cris Maria where she develops her work and receives the public.

What gave rise to Cris Maria Jewelry?

A huge passion for rings, the curiosity to know how they were made and the desire to discover.

As a Geologist Engineer of basic training, I worked in the area for 17 years and I have always had the desire for design and creation and a passion for jewelery!

While I was working in the engineering field, I attended, as a hobby, the jewelery course at the Joalharia da Escola Contacto Directo (Lisbon Jewelry Center) in Lisbon.

A change in my life led me to join the Curso de Joalharia de Design de Autor no Centro de Joalharia de Lisboa (Author Design Jewelery Course at the Lisbon Jewelery Centre) (CJLx) and an opportunity allowed me to create what is now my Atelier – Shop, where I work full time creating pieces and selling them to the public. It’s in this space of mine that I can also show people a little bit of how to make a jewel.

That is how Cris Maria Jewelry was born.

How does the collection work?

At least one collection per year is always released. Ideally, two, one in the autumn/winter season and the other in the spring/summer season. There may be re-editions of single pieces or other special or limited editions.

I like what’s simple and beautiful. Silver has always been my metal of choice and since I learned how to work with it, it is through silver I give shape to what is in my soul and it makes me feel alive.

Everything inspires me from nature to art, from architecture to everyday life and the world, constantly mindful of trends. That’s how I design and create my pieces. They all have a little part of me.

I hope you like it.

Each collection I create has simultaneously something of me and something that I intend to convey to those who will use it.

I’m very an eclectic person. I create geometric and organic forms, exploring the symmetries and textures of the materials. I also like to collect organic forms and explore their forms and textures.

The collections are composed of simple and versatile pieces to be used every day, but also by more daring pieces.

Cris Maria’s pieces are mostly handmade, in 925 Sterling Silver, using traditional jewelry techniques.

How do you define the brand?

Cris Maria Jewelry is a Portuguese brand, which values craftsmanship, sustainability and aims to keep alive the traditions of our country.

The challenge of Cris Maria Jewelry is to create contemporary pieces, with meaning and convey the love and values that we intend to pass on to future generations, making them timeless. A Trend and a Legacy!

A handmade product contains something very special. Everything is made with a purpose, with a lot of love and dedication and this translates into the small details.

There is proof of this is in the workshop where I work every day, where I can show people a little of what it is to make a jewel.

What kind of woman is Cris Maria Jewelry for?

Cris Maria Jewelry is for all women, young and mature, who excel for the difference. Women who like to follow trends, creating their own style and individuality! Beautiful empowered women, inside and out, with values.

The women who use a Cris Maria piece know that they take with them a little bit of who made it, a woman who believed and made her dream come true! Well done!

What do you expect for the future of the brand?

Keep my clients happy without losing my identity!

To grow in a sustained way and that defends the art of know-how and the fair market, in an approach of sustainable consumption.

To maintain the Atelier-Shop as a special space where the brand can express its aesthetics, its values and the unique experience of showing the world a little of the art of making a jewel.

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