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by Marta Leite Castro

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Edit Mag

8 years with a lot of passion

Edit Magazine celebrates 8 years in the market and we gather here 8 covers chosen by the founder and editor, Francisco Bravo Ferreira. More than a fashion magazine, it is also a magazine that addresses areas like architecture and design.

“It was last March that the first model of the Edit magazine showed up, It was then that I felt something that was really arising! A child passion that happened! With a small group of people that form the Edit team and most of all with commitment and a huge belief, I can say we did it.”

edit cover 2
cover edit 3
cover edit 4
Cover edit 5

“Eight years have pass, it’s true, and it feels like it was yesterday, a lot sleepless nights of work, many days of labour, dedication, but yet very rewarding. I remember of an email that I’ve got that stayed in my head, it said: Thank you for exist. I think that too.”

cover edith 6
cover edithh
cover edith beret
cover edit robe blanche

“Edit will continue to do her path, and now with Edit Kids, it’s a real family growing slowly…
Thank you all.”

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