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by Marta Leite Castro

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French brand, leader in metal furniture manufacturing market.

The brand has opened a store in Lisbon and has had great receptivity with their offer of different furniture with a 24 exclusive colors palette.

Why choose Lisbon to open a store?

The main trigger was the increase of people who visited Fermob in international fairs and the amount of them who asked if the brand was present in Portugal.Then, an informal meeting between Bernard, general manager of Fermob group, and Philippe Joyeux, the brand’s Portuguese representative, led to the opening of Lisbon store – the 14th Fermob exclusive store in the world, shortly after opening in New York and right before Moscow.The growth of the Portuguese market, both professional (contracting) and private, was also one of the decisive factors.Fermob besides offering very different products from the rest of the market primes itself on having an excellent quality price relationship.

Does Fermob stand out for its unique 24 color design?

Fermob is the only outdoor furniture brand that has a palette with 24 different colors and 3 different finishes.

Over the years, Fermob has created its own DNA producing sleek, timeless furnishings and, at the same time, robust, practical and carefully designed pieces. Over the past 30 years the company kept reinventing itself, while at the same time preserving its identity and defending the art of working metals in a tradition way.

One of the reasons for the brand’s success was undoubtedly the introduction of design and color, through collaboration with renowned designers (Terence Conrad, Frédéric Sofia, Harald Guggenbichler, among others) and designers at the beginning of their career.

Fermob designers will prime the easy usage of the furniture combined with exclusive design and creativity. And at the same time, ensuring that all the designs are compatible with the materials used.

Which are the most sought-after pieces?

The famous and timeless Bistro line, a 127 years old line is the most desired by our customers. Fermob’s Bistro chair was the chosen one to provide relaxation moments to visitors in Bryant Park in New York, Marunouchi Street in Tokyo, and many others. This chair has the magic to transports us to very cozy places.

Another very sought-after line is the Luxembourg, designed for the Luxembourg gardens (Paris) in the 1920s. About 14 years ago, the designer Frédéric Sofia modernized, improved ergonomics and increased the Luxembourg range. This is perhaps the most iconic line of Fermob. Another very popular line is the Bellevie line, with a strong contemporary design. At the moment, Fermob’s wireless luminaires are among the most seek pieces and its range has increased annually.

Are the pieces designed with a high-quality standard to ensure life easier for customers?

The signature brand “jardins heureux “, which translated to English is “Happy gardens” along with the motto of “Joi de vivre” – “Joy of life” is achieved through the modern, comfortable, unpretentious and practical designs. Associated with the brand’s 24 exclusive colors, warmth, delicacy and elegance, makes the Fermob brand unique in the market.

The Fermob furniture is designed for outdoors use and is fully weather resistant. Both the technical design aspects, as well as, the quality and treatment of the materials used (iron, aluminum, outdoor technical fabric) contribute to guarantee its longevity.

Ninety per cent of chair models are stackable or foldable.

And is there side of the brand that attracts the practicality of everyday pieces, easily stackable, foldable?

Yes, in addition of our outdoors designs that withstand any type of weather, Fermob models are practical, stackable, foldable and very easy to handle.

Do you believe in sustainable development and respect for the environment, reflecting it on the manufacturing process?

To love nature, protect it, live it and respect it. Fermob, which designs furniture and outdoor items, has naturally anchored sustainable development and respect for the environment in its manufacturing process.

It is ISO 14001 certified, which ensures that the company manages sustainably the environmental consequences and the impact on the lives of those who surround them. Because to live the nature is to respect it!

How has the brand been received in Portugal?

The brand has had an excellent reception in Portugal. It is a very joyful, feel-good, and full of harmony type of brand. The colors and patterns are unique. Fermob is 100% in line with the new outdoor décor and pallet trends. Its models are flawless example of a perfect symbiosis is between furniture and landscaping, ensuring they’re part of a whole.

On the other hand, the brand brought a different type of furniture with different colors and original arrangements to the Portuguese market. This is what our customers keep telling us «The market was eager for something different with high quality standards».

About Philippe Joyeux

«My professional life has always been linked to quality. I’ve worked for 20 years at SGS (world leader in inspection, verification, testing and certification area – the world reference in quality and integrity). I opted, very early, for an international career, which took me to several countries in Africa and Asia, and I always took with me some Fermob furniture which endured both the tropical African conditions in Africa and Korean continental climate.

Open air living has always been part of my way of life, both at home and away. I practice various sports and all linked to nature: rafting, mountain biking, triathlon and Portugal offers the ideal conditions to do what I like the most. I lived six years in Angola, during which I had the opportunity to visit Portugal several times, by myself and with my wife. We both fell in love with the country and decided that one day we would come and live here. And so we did, we decided to embrace a new challenge and come to live in Portugal.»

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