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by Marta Leite Castro

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Surprise box

Joana Valadares e Teresa Madeira, the entrepreneur women behind Mimobox that creates surprise moments of discovery for moms and kids.

A service that helps moms to find out a choose the most suitable products for them and their kids in the most special moment of their lives.

With 20 years of experience in marketing and communication, in August they’ve decided in 2015 leave the agency and develop this project that reflects the life of these two moms.

1 – Where the idea came from?

We are mothers, Joana has 3 little girls and Teresa 2 boys. Cousins, friends, colleagues, when they were expecting or when they had little babies, every body come to ask for advice and opinion: what to buy, which are the better brands, where did they buy this and that, what product did they use the most.

2 – What is this new service?

Mimobox it’s a service thought to improve moms’ live, preventing them spending hours in the stores or online seeking for the best for their children. We are an online signature service which gives you a platform of discovery and experimental stuff of the best products for mothers and babies, following the mother since pregnancy and promoting a privileged interaction with the brands.

3 – How do you describe the importance of digital growth for the success of this project?

Digital is a fundamental key for growth. Social network, most of all, Instagram, Facebook, are great marketing tools, as to work the image of the brand and as to find new costumers. 40 % of the clients in a month are new. It is also from social network that we work the emotional side of the brand. Mimobox has a blog in the site, mimoBLOG, where the mothers find quality content, shared by several professionals that work in partnership with Mimobox, a paediatrician, a kindergarten professor and an obstetrician. Is a fundamental vehicle to build the trust for the Mimobox mothers.

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The gold is that the mothers try it and start to be consumers of the products they like.


4 – About the partnership, the brands are opened to the idea?

Mimobox was well accepted since the beginning! Mimobox its proud of having more than 130 brans as partners, which work side by side, to spoil mothers and babies.

They are 90 companies from several areas like skincare cosmetics, hygiene, food, beauty, fabric, and childcare. From multinationals to small companies.


5 – And how do you buy it?

A customer can buy a single thing month (single buy) or subscribe 3 months or 6 months. Usually, the customer buys one month for trial and then the buy the subscription.

To potentialize the surprise effect, boxes are shipped at every 25 th of every month for all mothers, to maximize the impact.

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