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by Marta Leite Castro

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The platform that endorses restaurants, coffee shops and bars to share with friends anywhere in the world.

“Every time we want to have dinner or to have lunch out, we are overloaded with options of more several sources (very often not much reliable or with false opinions), which made the decision taking really difficult. We spend much time to try to decide where to go and to compare options, always finishing since given being asking our friends for their recommendations whom more we trust. We decide to build a solution that could show to us in the immediate form the recommendations of restaurants of our friends at any place of the world.”


How do you define your platform, the Misk?

The Misk is a platform of recommendations of restaurants, coffees and bars between friends, on any part of the world. Launched in November of 2017, the app has either a community of more than 10 thousand users of the generation millennium that or more than 40 thousand sieges recommended in more than 650 cities of the whole world.

And how it works?

Each person has his profile where he can create his lists of restaurants for city. The profile concept is similar to that of the Instagram – as a user I can still follow people and be followed, and go to the profile of anyone to see his lists and recommendations. Besides that, people can discover also new sites in the feed, and if they shake the telephone, they receive an immediate recommendation of the restoring one to their turn, based not only on what the friends (people who follow) recommend, but also on what the person already guarded or recommended in the app and in his lifestyle.

How do you describe your business model?

We monetize through consumption marks (for example, with whom we worked already) doing product placement inside the app (the marks are represented in the images of the restaurants) and organizing unique experiences, having our target audience (the generation millennium).

What is your vision?

Our objective is that the Misk will become the most reliable app in the whole world in restaurants, cafes and bars. We claim also that the Misk is a platform super intelligent, what knows the user giving recommendations – based on what each one likes, in his lifestyle and gastronomic preferences.

How did you arrange Financing?

Up to now we finance the project with our capital itself. However, we already gained some prizes as Startup Voucher and “Elevator Pitch” organized by the European Commission that helped us to cover most of the costs that we had up to now.

How did you deal with the initial uncertainty?

We would say that the uncertainty is not only initial, it is always constant, but it makes part of the journey when a startup is raised. As a matter of fact, it is exactly this uncertainty and the constant discovery of something new, that causes us and makes us work more. Because it is exactly the fact of being out of the zone of comfort that makes us grow and learn, every day. The feeling of reward that is felt after discovering and learning something new, for that very reason putting it into practice and seeing results is even very great.

What is your objective?

When it’s 8:00 at night, I am hungry and I am in a city that I do not know, I want that the Misk gives me one recommendation – on in less than a minute. In the bottom, we want to grow the Misk family and to create a strong community, making the Misk to app into the # 1 for restoration in all target markets.

What is your biggest asset?

We had reached the Top 2 in App Store in Portugal was a great conquest for us. Also we were considered a few of the 10 “hottest startups” in Europe in 2017 by the magazine WIRED, which left us very satisfied.

What do you suggest to the one who begins?

Do a lot of market research to realize if the problem is really relevant to many people, and also realize the dimension of the market. It is easy to find great ideas, but that does not arrive in order that a business makes the idea. Another advice is also to speak with as many people as you can (entrepreneurs who were successful but also who failed, person in the industry, etc.). You always learn too much, avoid common mistakes, and you can always broaden the network.

What is the best professional advice that you already received?

Everyone is always going to have an opinion, so it is important to be able to hear but also to give and to attach the importance that these opinions must have. Especially, it is important to hear but also to follow our intuition itself – there is nobody who has already thought so much about our business itself like us.

Profile of the founders:

Sofia Pitta

“I am licensed in Economy for New University in Lisbon. During the degree course, I did erasmus in Italy during 6 months where I toured more than 8 countries. After that, I decided to gain professional experience and worked during a year in Strategic Consultancy in technology projects, and did a traineeship also in the Unilever in Lisbon. After already having some experience, I applied for London Business School to do Master’s degree in Management, where I was accepted between more than 1000 candidates. Then I worked in the Bloomberg in Analytics and Product Management during three years in London, where I had the opportunity for working with the biggest Asset Managers of the world like the BlackRock. It has around a year I moved for Lisbon to establish the Misk, together with the Magdalene, experience that has been undoubtedly of the best of my life.”

Madalena Rugeroni

” To 18 years I went to study for out, in the University of Miami, where I graduated in International Affairs and Journalism, with a minor in Design. It was the best experience of my life. During the course, I did a traineeship in enterprises like Fox News Channel, Young and Rubicam, a tech startup. I made a program abroad where I studied 6 months in Madrid and after finishing the course I worked for 3 months in Havas Worldwide in Miami. On the day in which they offered me a contract of work without term, the Google did a proposal to me. I moved for London to work in the Google, more precisely for the YouTube, like Partner Operations Manager, where it was managing the great partners of the YouTube in different markets. There also I finished by working in Marketing for the product of Google Apps will be Work. After 2,5 years in the Google and almost 7 years it had been, I decided to come back the house. The idea of the Misk appeared to me with my partner, and I threw myself to this adventure of being an entrepreneur, whom I adore. In this moment I am one of the founders and CEO of the Misk.”

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