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by Marta Leite Castro

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Fourty years in production of fertilizers and substrates focused on sustainability and the families’ wellbeing.

How did the company start up?

The company was founded in 1976 with the idea of ​​reusing “poultry manure” waste from the Caramulo area, which is  an extremely rich area in poultry. At the time, there were dozens of facilities near the Plant that needed a properly licensed location to collect this residue.

We began to compose producing value, making it the most commercialized product at the time – the Guano Caramulo. However, the market demand has been diversifying and increasing its requirements degree. Years later, we began testing the granulation process and introducing pellet fertilization solutions. The search for organic products has made us widen our offers. At this moment we have Organic Fertilization, Bio and Organomineral solutions, specific substrates for different plant types and controlled release fertilizers and substrates for the professional market.

Our strategy has always been focused on two strands: National Product and respect for Sustainability.

Fourty years of research and production of fertilizers experience.How has this path been?

Nutrofertil, is the result of its 40 years of experience and has enough knowledge to know that quality products at a reasonable cost, flexibility and excellent customer service are the key. Our path is linked to our products differentiation.

Product differentiation sustains our market positioning, a result from our concern in the developing solutions that meet the truth market and customer needs. We have a technical team with many years of experience in the sector, with the know-how to develop customized solutions, 100% targeted and suitable to the culture of those who are seeking our products. The road hasn’t been easy due to the complexity, demand and competition in this area. In spite of everything we are in the right way.

What kind of products do you offer?Do you have new products targeting key crops in our market like vineyards, red berries, fruit trees and horticulture?

The portfolio is diversified, and cost varies depending on how much we are willing to invest in the crop. About one year ago we acquired a new production unit with automated lines directed in the manufacture of substrates for professionals.

Depending on the soil characteristics of each producer, we offer a personalized fertilization formula to meet their real needs. Following trends, we have launched substrates for red fruits, bags of culture to have on your balcony and easy to carry packages with a handle. Innovation holds the key.

What differentiates your products from the competition?

We are certified by ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems for the production and commercialization of fertilizers and substrates. This process requires continuous monitoring of all phases and gives the customer reassurance that everything is done according to the rules, without any deviations. We were the first company of this kind in Portugal to implement this system. In addition to 100% natural raw materials, the product is 100% national.

The big difference is in the client support area. Our technical team, with many years of experience, has the know-how to develop customized solutions and provide local support to the farmer. Our clients know that they can rely on our practical products. This pragmatism conveys confidence.

To what extent does Nutrofertil contribute to the great topic of agricultural sustainability?

Sustainability has been from the start, Nutrofertil’s biggest pillar and goal. By using our products, you are sure to protect your family’s health, it is free from pesticides, chemicals or harmful elements. Easy hands-on planting and fertilization tips were launched in our digital networks. We’ve also share videos with partners who believe in in our point of view and respect the planet’s cycle integrity. Love and cause are the secret ingredient that make this project a success.

Who is your target audience?

Our target audience are both the farmer with the professional products who need effective and tested solutions that guarantee the profitability of the crop, as well as the aspiring gardener and urban agriculture lover who despite not having a great knowledge want to grow their own food naturally.

What do you aim for Nutrifertil’s near future?

The acceptance and company growth have been fantastic in recent years. We aim not only to start expanding borders but also to raise awareness for the importance of reducing conventional fertilizers usage. Maintaining the soil balanced and potentiating bacterial flora is the first step and the foundation.

We intend to continue promoting knowledge-sharing workshops and fostering partnerships that have been beneficial to the common goal of promoting a more sustainable agriculture for all.

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