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by Marta Leite Castro

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Children’s Fashion up North

It’s a result of an alliance of three partners, two sisters and a friend, Inês and Mariana Pimentel and Marta Moreira. All of them from different backgrounds, architecture, engineering and design.

A brand established in 2012 and its fundamental values are the creativity, passion and sense of humour.

1. How did you come up with this brand? Who participated in its creation?

We are 3 partners: 2 sisters and a friend. All from different backgrounds: architecture, engineering and design.

Piupiuchick came shortly after we became mothers. We noticed that fashion in Portugal was still very traditional compared to what was seen in other countries.

Mariana had just become a mother when, on a trip she made,  she bought for her son Salvador, at that time only a few months old, clothes for a 3 and 4 year old! It was a laugh! But it made us think … So Piupiuchick came along. After a difficult year of many “nos”, we finally released the first online collection that sold out in 3 weeks! We realized there and then that we were on the right track.

2. It is clear that there is a concept that the brand wants to convey. How would you define it?

We try to lead our lives in a rather “lighthearted” way, teaching our children that we have to enjoy every moment and make the best out of the various situations.

We live surrounded by friends and we love to socialize … and laugh a lot!

The brand is a reflection of ourselves, and therefore, our commitment is to make collections that kids like to wear. Fun items, easy to match but always paying attention to trends.


3. Your production is made in Northern Portugal. Is it a privilege given the textile cluster that is gathered there?

Yes, it’s a great privilege! We are lucky to be very near  the factories, which allows us to closely monitor production and above all to know, in person, who produces our items! It is always easier to work this way.


4. The brand focuses on baby wear and clothing for children from 0 to 10 years old, but it is complemented with decorative items, correct? For each collection, what is the challenge you are faced with?

The novelty of this last collection was to increase the size scale by 2 numbers. Now we have a wider offer, from 0 months to 14 years. We also have a line of homewear for all collections such as baby cribs, cushions, blankets and other small childcare accessories.

Each collection is a great challenge! It’s the most rewarding part of the process! Setting free your imagination while telling the story of each collection is very absorbing! We live and breathe thinking about every detail of the collection.

5. Did you feel the opportunity had come for a physical store? How have people reacted?

It was a very natural process. We had the stock in the office and there came to a time when we always had “a full house”.

The opening of the Porto store took place when Piupiuchick turned 2. 4 years later the results are extremely positive!

6. On the other hand, the impact of online sales is unmistakable. Do you feel the ease and quick access provided by social media?

Piupiuchick started online, so this channel has always been number one in sales and it continues to be so! It is a very powerful means of communication because we can easily reach the other side of the world.

7. People/clients also participate and interact more with brands. Does that influence your work?

Of course! We make clothes for people! The more we interact with with our customers, the more we know what they are looking for!

Besides, we love direct contact with our customers!

8. Is there clear international ambition? How has this aspect been handled?

What part / percentage of business does it occupy at the moment?Yes! A large part of our business is export. At the moment we are in more than 120 stores spread all over the world.

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