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by Marta Leite Castro

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Rock in Rio Innovation Week

The 2nd edition was a big success!

Agatha Arêas made an assessment of this edition that left a mark of enthusiasm, inspiration, learning and motivation, having as main theme the idea “Your Attitude Transforms”.

What is your assessment of Rock in Rio Innovation Week?

Extremely positive in different ways: we increased the physical structure, by increasing the spaces. The team grew. The number of participants doubled. And more significantly: the event’s value proposition was not only understood but also very well received. It became clear that there is much to debate about the role of the human being in a world where Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, increasingly gaining space in our personal and professional relationships.

Agatha Arêas, Vice President, Learning Experience – Rock in Rio

The perspective by which we choose to look at Innovation, placing the person as its key driver, positioning technology as a means and the human being as the most powerful agent of transformation of his life and the world around him, proved to be the trigger for countless and fruitful discussions, provocations, exchange of ideas, creations and connections. We believe that building a better world also involves Education. And that there are several different formats to promote knowledge sharing. So, RiR Innovation Week perfectly fulfilled the purpose of the brand’s Learning Experience area: “Contribute to the development of new technical and relational skills in the formation of more confident, happy and empathetic people.”

Did this second edition intend to challenge people for a journey of inspiration and preparation for the construction of promising futures?

With no doubt. A challenge can represent a threat or an opportunity. We see great opportunities in the unknown that unfolds every day in front of us, in a world that is changing much faster than at any other time in History. But we recognize that there is an adaption period and a need to develop new skills. And that begins with each one of us making a decision. With our individual commitment, so that we can fully contribute to the collective. That is why we prepared a journey composed of three dimensions: Inspiration, Experimentation and Connection. And it was beautiful. Beautiful because the journey was efficient and productive. But also pleasurable, smooth and with a great vibe.


The content was distributed from talks with experts, workshops, and mindfulness sessions to sessions of networking activities, among many other initiatives. How did you articulate all this?

Excluding operational aspects such as fitting schedules, room and space distribution, etc, which is always like working on a puzzle (those with thousands of pieces!) , the concept was so clear, the learning outcomes each intervention should deliver were so well defined and, above all, the main theme “Your Attitude Transforms” is so powerful and illustrative, that all these factors put together ended up acting like a magnet that attracted many good people, a lot of excellent content, experienced partners and other newcomers only waiting for an opportunity to rise.

This was organized with a lot of integrity but also great sensitivity. We always paid close attention to the drivers that interested us in order to parameterize the contents. And we sought to measure quantity versus quality, distributing them between the three dimensions of the intended journey and ensuring the delivery of the four learning outcomes in the most equitable way possible.

There was no lack of art and music, which made the event even richer. Is it part of your brand’s essence?

Yes! It is unquestionable that where there is Rock in Rio, there is always a sensory universe occurring. Music is in our DNA and it is through it that, 34 years ago, the brand has been doing what it most enjoys: connecting people. Rock in Rio is human centered. We often say that we are made of people, by people and for people.

And throughout our history we have been widening and strengthening our platform of connections, through which we connect ideas, projects, brands, cities, countries and… people! “Rock in Rio Edutainment Platform”, of which Innovation Week makes part, comes precisely to promote the joining of Entertainment with Education, providing learning experiences that impact the participant through sensations. Sometimes in more introspective formats and other times in funnier formats. The truth is that no one stays indifferent!

The 3rd edition is announced. What does 2020 promise?

Yes! We have already set the dates: 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th of June 2020. Rock in Rio’s culture is always working to grow and strengthen our initiatives. This can occur by physical dimensions, enhancement of the concept and implementation of strategic partnerships, greater bonding with the public or splitting a core project in different products. The expansion plan of Innovation Week embraces all these factors.

Rui Mendes da Costa, Head of Learning and Training, Galp

But we are in no hurry. We are working for a sustainable growth. In each edition we will deliver something more. Of that, both the public and the market can be sure of. We predict that the project will physically expand around LACS. As more interesting content is created, we will need more physical space. And the idea is that, from LACS – where Innovation Week took place since its first edition in 2018 and where Rock in Rio’s headquarters in Europe is based – we create, in the surroundings, a real Rock in Rio Innovation District.

LACS, Rocha Conde de Óbidos

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