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by Marta Leite Castro

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A creativity story that moved from Bali to Lisbon.

UNIKA STUDIO is a publicity agency created in 2015 by Sergio Castro, founder and executive creative director and Gréthel Signamarcheix, founder and CEO.

It was in Indonesia, on the island of Bali, that the two founders of the company met and they realized that their work was a complement to each other. Lisbon is the city they chose to live in.

Who is responsible for UNIKA?

Gréthel has more than 10 years of experience in the fashion industry, art direction, graphic design, production and communication strategies.

Gréthel was born in Gueret, France and went to Paris to study Fashion. Gréthel worked in several countries, for various fashion brands, such as France (in Paris), Spain (in Barcelona), Australia, Indonesia (in Bali) and Portugal (in Lisbon).

What Gréthel enjoys the most is to work with brands that help her to achieve her potential and to improve brand awareness, communication and design. Gréthel also enjoys sharing its work and inspiration in her Design platform, Design Hunger.

Sergio is a fanatic lover of music and art and it as more than 12 years of experience in publicity, art direction, graphic design and communications strategies. Sergio was born in Bogota, Colombia and moved to Barcelona where its aptitude to design was developed.

He already lived in several cities across the world, namely, New York, Miami, Barcelona, Banguecoque, Bali and Lisbon. Sergio is also an illustrator and its work is based on the concept of “cool”.


How you created UNIKA?

UNIKA was born when the two founders met each other and realized that they could build synergies around their work. Bali’s island, in Indonesia, is a place where small and big businesses are created, its unique business environment and the growing of the tourism sector propelled Bali to be a perfect spot for businessman’s and big companies to invest, creating a huge demand for communication strategies.

The opportunity to create this project was presented to us on a plate and we decided to create this company and start working with businesses in Indonesia, Australia, Singapura, Thailand, New Zealand and almost all over the world.

Why you chose Portugal?

Portugal, and Lisbon in particular, are a city and a country that are exiting a very serious financial crisis and the city has been growing in the past few years, attracting investors and creators from around the world. As in Bali, the opportunity for small and big business to grow is astonishing. This created the opening for UNIKA to help all of these new companies to have an adequate marketing and communications strategy.

Which is UNIKA’S core business?

UNIKA’S core business is communication, strategy and brand, how can we help clients to communication with its consumers and also to create specific strategies to provide that communication.

What kind of services do you provide?

Nowadays UNIKA strengthened its team in Bali and Lisbon. We are able to offer services in: Brand and brand management; Marketing and Communications Strategies; Graphic Design, Web UI/UIX and eCommerce Development, Social Networks Management, Search Engines and Search Marketing, Art Direction, Video Productions, Interior Design, Public Relations and brand development.

What is your target audience?

We want to appeal to a wide range of costumers since that we are focused in strategies that help our clients to grow and achieve their aims. It can be a small or big company. If we have to choose one, we would say that our target are businesses that want to be the leaders in their segment through a conscient and real communication strategy.

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