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by Marta Leite Castro

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Vanytime is an innovative and pioneering project in Portugal, established to provide beauty & well-being services to its customers in a comfortable and convenient way, in your home, office or hotel.

“The idea is simple: to be an Uber of aesthetics and well-being, allowing you to access services whenever and wherever you want, from a distance with a simple click and extended hours.”

How did Vanytime come about?

Vanytime emerged from the need to create a solution to the accelerated rhythms of life.

Due to the rhythm of the present day, a greater effort is required to balance work and personal life routines.

This need was noted by Inês Neves and Filipa Soares, the founding members of Vanytime, who in 2017 concluded that the daily bustle of people demanded a revolution in the well-being and aesthetics segment.

For this reason, the lawyer and the economist felt at firsthand the schedule constraints that accompanied their respective professional activities.

They concluded that these constraints in the end were unnatural for any woman and man. In the end, daily commitments, traffic, the time to get the children to school, parking difficulties, they are all real problems, and overall they affect the planning of basic commitments, such as having a manicure or epilation, or even a consultation for acupuncture or osteopathy.

By developing a platform that allows bringing all this into the homes of customers, Vanytime translates into a value-added proposition. In this sense, and according to the founding members, the slogan associated with the brand reflects the mission and value proposition they bring to the market well: “Beauty-on-Demand”. The aim is to bring services to the customer, without the need for travel.

How it works?

By fast forwarding to the present and through the online platform it is possible to schedule beauty treatments, massages and therapies at home, between 7 AM and midnight.

On the other hand, and because sometimes even the professionals are (all of them!) busy, it is still possible to talk on the helpline and request an appointment by phone or email.

The aim is to streamline the scheduling processes, so as to ensure better time management throughout the day.

Segments of operation

Although Vanytime was initially conceived with the primary purpose of bringing professionals to the home – Vanytime home demand – it quickly expanded its area of activities to operate in the following segments:

Vanytime Corporate, in which partnerships are developed with several companies, professionals are made available in the facilities of the institutional partners, to provide services to their employees

Vanytime Outsourcing, where partnerships are celebrated with concierges and hotels that use the platform in a search for subcontracting professionals, so that they can provide services to their clients.

Vanytime Event, for all events, from photo shoots, theme dinners, costume parties, conferences, etc

Vanytime has implemented the Exclusive segment more recently.

This segment, in addition to encompassing a personalized customer service, is fully customized according to the requirements of each customer.

This segment includes image consulting, personal beauty & fashion adviser and personal shopper.

That is why the segment is ideal for responding to more specific requests.  You can count on Vanytime if you want, for example, personalized image consulting for your wedding!

Do you want a total make-over? Vanytime professionals can help you with complete assistance.

Do you want, on the other hand, a healthy diet accompanied by the right therapies for your case? Call Vanytime!

Moreover, and because beauty-on-demand is here to stay, Vanytime is developing a new fashion experience, which will revolutionize the market!

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