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by Marta Leite Castro

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Vegan Vibe

The first 100% Vegan Box

There is always a surprise element, as one never knows exactly what will arrive inside the Vegan Box of the month.

The monthly subscription is not mandatory, and you can order a box whenever you feel like it, to offer or just to try.

The box is not intended exclusively for the vegan population, and the goal is to kindle curiosity and the desire to try out new flavours, textures, and combinations of ingredients.

The Vegan Vibe Box is intended for all Portuguese citizens.

Eva Pais, the creator of the Vegan Vibe, fell in love with this project that marks, first and foremost, a real turnaround in her life. The search for new and healthier foodstuffs became a mission.


1. The idea first arose back in 2015 when you had professional and health problems. Was this project a way of overcoming your difficulties?            

Yes, indeed, the Vegan Vibe project was a strategy to overcome difficulties. I wanted to be healthy again; I also wanted to feel good and, more importantly, to trail this “path” with my family. I definitely did not want to go through the whole process alone. It is always very difficult to go through a professional change after 20 years, both at the psychological and at the physical level. This change could only be made if I could find a project that I would fall in love with. Fortunately, this is what happened.

2. At that moment, did you realise that you had to make changes to your lifestyle and, hence, to your eating habits?

Yes, it was essential. I clearly knew that something had to change. The hectic pace of my daily life meant that my choice of meals was far from the healthiest, either for me or for my family. As soon as the ideas became clearer and as soon as I took the decision to join the Vegan Vibe project, everything got easier.

3. Was this how you started to discover new foodstuffs with a more intense flavour, but which were healthy at the same time?

A predisposition to finding new foodstuffs, therefore, became a mission. The search is constant. It seems as if we are never fully satisfied, wanting to try new foodstuffs, new textures and new flavours. We like to read the labels and try out new foods as a family. This ends up being really enriching. I never imagined that I could see my children at a school, defending healthy eating habits and seeking to convert their schoolmates, explaining the benefits of such food.

4. From what I have perceived, was it so gratifying that you wanted your whole experience to reach out to everyone?

The big problem started with snacks or other options for eating between meals. At that time, we would eat whatever we had “available”. I researched a lot, tried many options, and then I started to realise that I could, after all, take the concept over to everyone. It does not matter if you are vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous. Your eating habits do not matter that much. What really matters is the fact that we all want to be healthy, with more energy, and be happy with ourselves. Then if we have snacks, which satiate ourselves and feed ourselves, then it shall be these snacks that we shall eat. The secret is that we should always have healthy options available.

5. Was this how the concept that gave rise to the Vegan Vibe came into being?

Exactly. The Vegan Vibe is a box with snacks without any colours, preservatives or any other chemical additives whose names are unpronounceable. To make this concept more enjoyable, the contents are a surprise. You will never know exactly what you are going to receive, which makes this situation more challenging. You shall try out options that you may never have considered trying. Combinations that, for you, would not make any sense at all – until you try them and like them.

6. What is the most successful product?

Our clients started to ask us to put the products on sale, individually. This is what we did, by setting up the online shop, where we have some of the snacks from previous editions. Our greatest success, without any doubt, was the energy balls from Deliciously Ella. These were a real sales phenomenon. Out of the 5 flavours, there is not any one flavour that stands out. They are all stars.

Anyone who signs up to this service shall, once a month, receive at home a surprise box filled with at least 7 irresistible vegan snacks, from the best vegan suppliers in the world, for a price of € 20.90 (including post and packing).

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