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by Marta Leite Castro

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6 years of Startup Lisboa

miguel fontes

Startup Lisboa opened its doors in 2011 in Rua da Prata, n.º 80, with the mission to support about 20 companies. Today, Start up Lisboa is proud of having received more than 3.500 applications and its effort to support spreads to more than 280 start-ups of thirty-five different nationalities that operate in more than twenty markets.


Miguel Fontes, CEO of Startup Lisboa, shares to us that the last year was a period full of new and intense challenges. “Lisbon’s appeal with the international entrepreneurs had a steep grow in the foreign projects that seek Start-Up Lisbon as their space of evolution”.

1. What are the main challenges at the moment?

At the moment, we are experiencing several relevant challenges but I would highlight the following four. The consolidation of the work of Startup Lisboa in the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Lisbon. The maintenance of an efficient and successful work with our startups. Obviously, the challenge of continuing to develop the implementation of the future Hub Criativo do Beato. The preparation for the opening of a new incubation area dedicated to Food&Beverage projects.

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2. The opening of Hub Criativo do Beato will be an important mark. How will it work? What difference will it bring?

As stated in the public presentation of the project, it is our aim that Hub Criativo do Beato welcome activities/entities that are aligned with what is happening at the most innovative and contemporary areas, particularly in the technological field, in order to create a pole of innovation that helps to consolidate Lisbon’s position as an open, entrepreneurial, innovative and creative city.
HCB will be a new creative milestone in the life of the city of Lisbon and especially in Beato region. We are in a phase of development of the project, therefore it will only have the necessary conditions to welcome the first occupants in the second half of 2019.

Miguel Fontes

3. On the other hand, the city of Lisbon lives an incredible moment, of optimism. How is this reflected in your activity?

In fact, our city lives a unique social, cultural and creative moment throughout its history. The world is discovering Lisbon as a place of excellence to create, undertake and develop new projects.
Obviously, being in a central position in this ecosystem, we are much more sought after by people (investors, startups, etc.) that intend to come to Lisbon. The demand has been so intense that it has led us to create a program particularly directed to this kind of public.


4. What kind of new program is this?

Called “Launch in Lisbon”, the program offers training sessions with specialists in several areas that are fundamental for business creation and development, from tax and labor legislation, to company formation, to information on visas and the real estate market, among others. Networking events and contact with several players of the city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem are also included.
In order to carry out this program, we count on the partnership of experts in various fields: PLMJ Law Firm, Moss & Cooper Consulting, Hays, Deloitte and Homelovers, a real estate company that is part of the incubator’s Alumni community.

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5. What is the balance of 6 years of Startup Lisboa?

After 6 years we now have 2 buildings with incubation spaces, a space for events at Lisbon Airport and a residence for entrepreneurs.
We started our activity by supporting only 20 companies and today we can proudly say that we have received more than 3500 applications, we have supported more than 280 startups – from 35 different nationalities -operating in more than 20 different markets, that raised about 80 million euros in investment and generated more than 1500 jobs.
All of these data give us clear reasons for satisfaction, but above all, they bring an exact notion that we have made a fundamental contribution to making Lisbon a more dynamic, innovative, enterprising and attractive city.

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