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by Marta Leite Castro

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Atlantic Connection

Portugal has been attracting attention as a center of international reference in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Lisbon is on the list of the best cities in the world to start a business.

The 3rd Atlantic Connection, an event organized by Atlantic Hub, brought together big names of the Luso-Brazilian ecosystem to discuss fundamental issues towards successful investment in Portugal.

The event occurred in CIEE theatre, in São Paulo, and several issues were addressed, such as opportunities in Portugal and doubts and curiosities about the entire internationalization process of a business.


Nuno Rebelo de Sousa

Atlantic Connection aims to inform and update issues that involve obtaining nationality to investment opportunities and the labor market in Portugal. «Atlantic Connection shows the current status in Portugal. The number of investors and Brazilian startups in WebSummit has tripled in the last years, due to initiatives such as this one, which promote the biggest and most important event in Portugal today. It is fundamental to listen live to real testimonies of startups, investors and Brazilian businessmen that are in Portugal, for it shows the cases of success and failure», explains the President of the Federation of Portuguese Chambers of Commerce in Brazil, Nuno Rebelo de Sousa, who was one of the most awaited speakers in this third edition of the Atlantic Connection.

Thiago Matsumoto

In addition to the five panels and two lectures, there was a startups awards initiative, the Atlantic Awards. The winner will participate in the Web Summit Lisbon 2019 Mission. «We want to foster internationalization and help entrepreneurs understand Portugal’s market, without putting aside the Brazilian DNA», explains Atlantic Hub’s co-founder, Thiago Matsumoto.

The 3rd Atlantic Connection brought panels and lectures with important names, among them the executive director of ABStartups, Rafael Ribeiro, the founder of Nacionalidade Portuguesa, Flávio Peron, the founder and CEO of Inodev Portugal, João Cabral. And also the founder of Bossanova Investimentos, João Kepler, the general manager of Startupi, Geraldo Santos, among other businessmen.

In fact, entrepreneurs from the whole world are attracted by the incentives of the Portuguese government and the country is gradually becoming the greatest hub of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe.

With much lower costs of living than its neighbouring countries, such as Germany and France, in addition to the high quality of life, Portugal is no longer seen as just a tourist destination and is renowned as the European country of startups, with a government that develops programs to encourage economic competitiveness, create jobs and attract investments.

According to the State of European Tech report, the easy access to the local market and financing at low interest rates, makes Portugal one of the favourite countries for investment.

Numbers and Facts

Currently, there are more than 120 thousand Brazilian residents in Portugal and this number tends to grow by the end of 2019.

Portugal has a lower tax burden than Brazil, one of the lowest costs of living in Europe, political stability, offers public security and education besides, of course, the language ease.

Another important step was the creation of the Startup Visa Portugal program, officially announced during the WebSummit 2018. It is a visa that allows entrepreneurs from all over the world to create an innovative business in Portugal, thus obtaining a permit of residence in the country.

Startup Portugal, a private non-profit association that integrates the National Strategy for Entrepreneurship, showed that startups and entrepreneurs impacted the Portuguese GDP in about 1,1% (about 2,2 thousand million euros).

(This data was granted by the event organization)

About Atlantic Hub

Atlantic Hub is a Portuguese company that helps Brazilian businessman open international operations all over the world, from Portugal.

With skills in different areas such as business, marketing, financial services and technology, the company operates throughout Brazil with events aimed at international entrepreneurs, investors and new business promoters.

Atlantic Hub also has a startup investment fund, which joins Brazilian and Portuguese investors with the aim of investing in Brazilian startups that are in an internationalization stage of operations.

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