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by Marta Leite Castro

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Blip is recognized as one of the best companies to work for and is even more committed to attracting talent and retaining it.

The focus on junior, mid and senior talent has been growing, bringing great challenges to this company that favors a humanized and close experience during the recruitment process, currently happening 100% on a remote basis.

What are the major challenges in the recruitment process?

In an increasingly digital world, not only have traditional companies felt the need to adapt and reinvent themselves through technology, but new market segments have also emerged and companies whose core business is 100% technological have proliferated. This evolution quickly led to a shortfall between supply and demand for qualified professionals in this sector.

The scarcity of talent, dynamism, the need to update qualified knowledge and competitiveness in the area of ​​Information Technologies are the major challenges in this sector. This causes companies to constantly rethink and reinvent their Talent Acquisition strategy.

In the current scenario, where the vast majority of companies in this sector are working remotely, the challenge is to continue to thrive in this battle with talent, focusing on a differentiating, agile, dynamic and highly humanized strategy, shortening the virtual gap and enabling everyone to feel, during their recruitment experience, what it means to be part of our company, even at a distance.

Does Blip take on a differentiated position in the market with the job offers it holds?

Blip stands out as a differentiated company at various levels and the proof is the fact that we are recognized as one of the best companies to work for.

Here, we breathe technology and innovation, but also purpose and evolution. Every one of us knows exactly what makes the difference and this allows us to work with a sense of passion and mission that leads us to constant improvement.

We are part of the largest worldwide group operating in the gaming, online betting and entertainment industry (Flutter Entertainment group) and our highly specialized teams use several cutting-edge technologies and innovative methodologies in the development of products, which are used by more than 6 million people around the world.

Unlike most companies, which suffered a downturn due to the current pandemic, Blip took advantage of this atypical period to focus even more and reinvent itself. Historically, it will always remain in our memory that, in the midst of a quarantine, we moved forward by merging with another worldwide recognized group – The Stars Group – which includes the Poker Stars brand, also renowned in the national arena.

Over the past few months, apart from continuing to operate intensively, we have been analyzing improvement processes and new business strategies, with the aim of providing our customer with the best experience ever. In this way, we intensified our commitment to junior, mid and senior talent, as well as diversity and inclusion, which brought us a growing challenge, to win this battle through talent, ensuring the humanized and close experience that characterizes our recruitment process, currently happening 100% on a remote basis.

More than 70 job openings

«Currently, we have more than 70 job openings for different technological profiles, such as Engineers (Backend, Frontend, Mobile, DevOps), Quality Assurance, Delivery Managers, Project Managers, Designers UI / UX and Tech Support.

We are not seeking professionals 100% tailored to our needs and expectations, because this simply doesn’t exist. We are obviously looking for people with skills in the field of technologies and so but, above all, with a good range of soft-skills, of which we value communication skills, assertiveness, teamwork, agility, creative thinking, integrity and humility. It is very important for us that people do not limit themselves to technical know-how, but understand the impact of their actions on the business, that is, hold a strategic vision, that is why we are always very focused on identifying potential»

Can we say that you innovate through your strategy of seeking more and more talents?

Specialized recruitment and selection represents a challenge in its entirety, requiring a great capacity for focus, innovation, creativity, strategy and resilience. At Blip, the entire strategy focuses on a fundamental pillar: People. We openly like to be people centric and costumer obsessed and, as such, the Talent Acquisition strategy is based on eradicating any One Size Fits All approach, and, on the contrary, providing a unique experience for each candidate.

The recruitment process is seen as the gateway to our second home (this is how we like to consider our company) and being the good hosts we like to be, we want to ensure that more than finding the skills we are looking for in a particular professional, he truly desires to be part of us and represents the values ​​we stand for. An open and trusting environment, talking about what we do, how we do it and why we do it is the basis for creating a relationship that we believe will generate the desired engagement and that will allow us to effectively ensure the cycle of recruiting and renewing our resources, in a sustainable way.

Given the current circumstances, we were motivated to seek new solutions to support our interactions with candidates. We have implemented a tool that allows us to present candidates with personalized challenges from different technologies, develop live-coding and do code review, as well as follow their entire recruitment journey and get feedback on the status of their process at any time.

In the same way, we incorporated a new recruitment management software, which allows Hiring Managers and Talent Acquisition Specialists to manage the entire process more effectively and efficiently, and we launched our new Career Page, with a differentiating and highly intuitive user experience. In addition, we have elaborated our Youth Talent funding program – Beta 2.0 – and further strengthened our network of specialized recruitment and outsourcing partners, nationally and internationally.

Our strategy of attracting and capturing is multichannel and data driven, so, based on our acquired knowledge and experience as well as future trends, we have already planned a strong rentrée for the end of the summer, which, as always, will entail a close relationship with all our followers.

What factors are on your side for retaining talent?

We are always focused on our employees and, as such, we are concerned with presenting an Employee Value Proposition that effectively makes sense for the lives of our people.

We therefore offer a differentiating benefits package, which includes flexible hours, working from home, one of the best health insurances in the market for employees and their family, extra vacation days, days for participating in social causes, team buildings, thematic days, an online continuous training platform, face-to-face training and various protocols.

Our focus is to make the difference on a daily basis. As an example, shortly after the quarantine was announced, and aware of the personal and professional challenges that this situation entails, we launched a new program – Employee Assistant Program – which includes a set of psychosocial, legal and financial support services, with a 24/7 helpline, for every employee and their respective family.

We know that, following general well-being, incentive and support for progression are basic elements regarding productivity and the feeling of belonging in an organization. At the moment, we are also planning an internal development program for new leaders, among other initiatives, which aim to strengthen our workforce, valuing talent inside our organization.

Following this, what distinguishes you?

In short, I would say that the distinguishing factor of our company is the way we care, commit and invest in the growth of our people. Here, everyone has the opportunity to be what they really want to be and can count on all the support they need, from their team and direct manager, to transversal teams and the most diverse network of stakeholders.

The growth mindset that characterizes Blip, supported by a culture of constant feedback and feedforward, is present in every moment of our interaction and foments daily growth and overcoming goals. From individual meetings, to team meetings, to the various formal initiatives that give voice to employees, to performance evaluations and all corridor conversations (even if virtual), everything is seen as an opportunity for improvement.

The agile thinking of a startup, which is at the base of our genes, merged with the strength and competitiveness of a large world group, of which we make part. These are the key factors that make Blip a unique company, where the explicit and intentional culture blends with an implicit culture, from pairs to pairs, allowing one to live in an environment of challenge and constant evolution.

Porto has been known for its technological hub. How does this reflect on your work?

Porto has, in itself, excellent and renowned higher education and technical-professional institutions, which ensures the emergence of excellent professionals every year.

It is also surrounded by other countless cities with institutions of equally high merit in the technology segment. This in itself has been a decisive factor for several large global companies to invest in our country, such as the group which Blip is part of.

On the other hand, the conditions offered by our city, namely the cost of living, climate, population density and places of touristic interest have attracted, especially in recent years, many foreign professionals with a technological background. This has led to the strengthening of our skills market, allowing us to assert ourselves as a Technological Hub (a kind of Silicon Valley in Europe).

In the specific case of Flutter Group, Blip presents itself as one of the main Technological Excellence Hubs, which makes us very proud, because what we do here has a differentiated and recognized quality worldwide. For example, and without revealing great details or issues of business confidentiality, the group is launching a new way of developing code, and it is a Portuguese collaborator who will manage an international team responsible for creating and implementing this new way of developing software, in all group brands.

We are proudly from Porto, we are proudly Portuguese with a recognized impact worldwide!

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