If you have a business you have a story!


by Marta Leite Castro

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Vera Dutschke e Tomás Cordovil, both still students, launched this year the man’s swimwear brand Caipivara.

Their goal is to grow and to be innovative in this area.

“We feel it would be great for us to start a project that makes us learn and grow. The idea of launching a designer label of swimsuits came about because we felt that this was an area that still had room for innovation.”

“The process is always the most important thing, as it is through the process that we can reach conclusions and learn. Ours was somewhat complicated, in an area we were not familiar with, but doing and learning are absolutely essential.”

“ Diversity is our main theme. We take up musical styles not only because music has a strong link to the summer and leisure, but also because it is closely tied to the issue of diversity. On inserting different musical tastes into one same brand, we suggest that all tastes are good in their own way, and that diversity is a good and positive thing.

” In general, this has gone down very well, and this is very important to us. For many people, this came as a surprise, as we told hardly anyone about what we were going to do. We now plan to grow as a brand, and make as much innovation as possible in our range of swimsuits. 

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