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by Marta Leite Castro

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CTAIMA was born in 2003 as the result of Iolanda Gatell’s vision.

The expert consultant in Systems Management founded the group with the first software that aimed to simplify legal compliance, digitalizing requirements, creating profitable management systems and contributing to process optimization.

How did CTAIMA Group come about?

CTAIMA Group was born from the insight of Iolanda Gatell, who, in 2003, worked as an expert consultant in Systems Management.

Throughout her activity, Iolanda detected the difficulties many companies had in maintaining their certifications, many times due to lack of know-how, of useful tools and sometimes and even of staff.

Totally convinced that management systems are excellent tools to improve any organization, she founded CTAIMA with the first software that aimed to simplify legal compliance, digitalizing requirements, creating profitable management systems and contributing to process optimization. Constantly changing in order to adapt to the reality of each company.

By combining software with consultancy, every client found the personalized service they needed. CTAIMA has since then stood out due to this combination:  Know-how, Technology and People.

What type of solutions do you provide?

Since the beginning, CTAIMA Group opted to incorporate technology solutions and IT in its consulting services. Using different software, we lead the digital transformation of companies since 2003, especially in Health and Safety, Environment, Quality or Purchasing sectors.

The combination of know-how, Technology and People is in your origin. Do you believe this is what makes you stand out?

At CTAIMA Group we believe that current consulting cannot function without one of these three components, which work as a whole. Because we are specialists in Know-how, Quality, Environment, Legal Compliance, Industrial Security, Health and Safety, Wellbeing and Digital Transformation.

They are all based on their own technological tools. To do this, we have a wide team that guarantee solutions constantly updated with the most recent technologies. At software factory we offer value-added services.

And, finally, in the global and competitive world we live in, outsourcing is a huge tendency, since it allows companies to concentrate on their own business and outsource non-strategic functions or areas.

You have many clients in Portugal that use your software. How has this been coming along?

We began to operate in Portugal in 2014. At the beginning, it was all very new, because although European and national legislation exists in addition to corporate requirements, document management has always been very manual (excel, fax or e-mail). But everything changed very quickly once companies realized that our software enables cost savings (team time) and keeps a quick, momentary and effective control of documentation, their expiry dates and invalidations.

This software also allows you to have complete and real information about the entire documentation upload process and its approval, in case of incidences and inspections.

Who is your target?

Our software provides and helps legal compliance in the different sectors mentioned above, to all companies and industries that feel this need. Currently, we have more than 850 clients that use our software, from small enterprises to large corporations.

What is the ambition of your company in Portugal for a near future?

Our project in Portugal is based on a face to face commitment, with our own team. At the moment we have more than 20 clients and many contacts and proposals we hope will be accepted. We are therefore certain of our growth in Portugal.

The reason CTAIMA exists is our clients. We establish personal contact with them, through frequent visits, organization of workshops and webinars, apart from our Annual Event, which allows us to get to know them and learn other ways we can help. Our clients, as well as project supporters, are our main references.  That’s why we’re so sure of our success in Portugal.

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