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by Marta Leite Castro

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A company that offers, IoT Edge platform, which aims to simplify and optimize the implementation of IoT projects. The goal: to make the connectivity between physical equipment and the logical world of software more accessible.

What is the Startup business based on?

Domatica is a company specialized in IoT (Internet of Things) technology. We focus on simplifying the connectivity of physical equipment to the logical world of software.

Our business offering is, an IoT Edge platform that dramatically simplifies and speeds up the execution of IoT projects.

How did the idea come about?

Like in almost every case, the idea came from experience. In secondary school I studied computer science and programming, before going on to study electronic engineering at university. Despite working heavily with bits and bytes, I noticed that there was a gap between both areas. That’s when the idea came up to make something that would fill that space, to abstract the applications from the specific hardware they wanted to connect to, making it drastically easier and faster to make those same applications.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to make IoT happen.

Since its inception, the IoT movement has broken several barriers on its journey to becoming effective.

The last barriers now lie on the Edge (at the border between the local network and the internet) and they are the security and non-standardization of protocols and data models. Precisely the sort of problems we solve with

How do you deal with the issue of funding?

We use as little as possible. Of course, we could work more efficiently with a better access to finance, but in good Portuguese fashion, we learned to do a lot with a little.

What is your customer acquisition strategy?

Since our IoT Edge platform is a middleware technology in the creation of solutions, our business positioning is completely B2B, favouring strategic partnerships with major players in the market, such as hardware manufacturers, software manufacturers or telecommunications operators.

For this type of partners/clients, we use a direct contact strategy. However, we do not neglect participation in fairs and other types of promotional events.

What do you anticipate for the future of your Startup?

For a company that started at a time when there wasn’t even any terminology for what it did, seeing the market move in our direction is very encouraging.

Today we feel a great traction in the market, we are helping global players deliver big IoT projects. We can only imagine a future with a lot of growth.


What is the best professional advice you have received to date?

To keep us focused on our narrow range of high added value and not to fall into the temptation of accepting projects solely for money.

This advice is very valuable, because sometimes we are involved in projects outside our area of expertise, creating a lot of stress and effort in trying to make them succeed, sucking all the company’s resources and eventually making losses. This prevents us from following our course on the path to valorisation, which can be disastrous.

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