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by Marta Leite Castro

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Follow Inspiration

A startup aiming to create robotic technologies that change business and society.

What is the business model behind your Startup?

Follow Inspiration has a diversified business model focusing on providing robotics technology solutions for natural navigation it the retail, logistics and services industry.

The company, whose brand and market position are due to the development and production of WiiGO Retail – an autonomous shopping cart for the retail sector – is betting on the transfer of its technology, proprietary and patented (US granted) to implement in different products and applications. This way, the company bases its business model on licensing technology and developing new projects in order to fulfill our clients’ needs.

How did the idea come about?

The idea sprung in 2012, when the founder and current CEO of FI, Luis de Matos, had the desire to develop a product that could help him shop on a commercial surface (subject of his college dissertation). Luis is on a wheelchair since he was a teenager, having had the need to adapt his whole way of life.

A great obstacle for people with reduced mobility is as simple as the process of making a weekly purchase in a supermarket in an independent way. The development of this product allows us to meet this need, having, also, the important premise of being an inclusive product given that it is a shopping cart that can be used by anyone for the simple purpose of loading purchases.

What is your Mission?

Our mission is to promote the quality of life of our society and the efficiency of our customers’ business based on emerging natural navigation technologies.

How do you deal with the Financing?

With regards to funding we essentially look for sources of financing, VC and other sources that suit our vision and mission in a logic partnership, that complement our skills and enables us the constant development, implementation and transfer of technology.

What is your Customer Acquisition Strategy?

We approach potential clients when the robotics solutions we develop, benefit and promote that client, with the objective of improving the efficiency of processes, whether these are the production, logistics or services processes destined to B2B and B2C.

We focus on delivering customizable solutions to customers in the retail, logistics and services industries in the European market. These solutions can be the implementation of our technology in existing client products, or in the creation of brand-new products.

What do you expect for your Startup future?

Follow Inspiration aims to be the partner to support robotics in a multisectoral vision, providing its clients with knowledge and natural autonomous navigation solutions – Follow Inspiration core activity.

What is the best professional advice you have received so far?

Essentially a set of values ​​cemented in the creation of the company and matured during our journey: inclusion, resilience, respect and professionalism.

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