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by Marta Leite Castro

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The Great Unknown Summit

How do we learn as humans in the age of machines?

In an era dominated by technology, constant learning is vital. And this requires both digital literacy and reinforcement of the inherent qualities of the human being. Today, success and leadership include not only academic and professional curriculum, but also empathy, storytelling, and improvisation.

Being a learner in the age of machines was the theme of The Great Unknown Summit. The event held in partnership with Galp took place following the House of Beautiful Business, that occurred in the Academy of Sciences, from 2 to 6 November.

The Great Unknown Summit gathered an international group of CEOs, senior HR leaders, heads of corporate learning, startup founders, academics, teachers and students for a one-day journey into uncharted territory.

Through inspirational talks, interactive work sessions, and immersive experiences emerging technologies were explored, with the main aim of learning from the latest scientific insights and getting to know the unknown.

Paulo Pisano, Tim Leberecht and Morgwn Rimel

At the opening of this event the hosts were Paulo Pisano, Chief People Officer at Galp, Tim Leberecht, Curator of House of Beautiful Business and Morgwn Rimel, Founder of Superculture, who addressed the topic “Five Big Questions for Lifelong Learners”.

Paulo Pisano, Chief People Officer at Galp

«The event, in its current form, is born in a context in which technology has an almost absolute role,» highlighted Paulo Pisano. Galp’s Chief People Officer focused on the subject of learning at a time when machines take on such relevance.

«Over time, organizations have focused a lot, especially on training. At Galp we think differently, not so much from a perspective of academic training, but more from individuals, from learners. »For Paulo Pisano, «learners are more important than learning».

«We are all natural learners; from babies we have curiosity and desire to learn new things, something that we end up losing in the educational process. So we want to help people rediscover the natural learner within them,» he concluded.

During the morning of the event many topics were addressed such as “What Business Leaders Need to Know Now” with speakers Yichen Feng & James O’Toole and “A Primer on Machine Learning: Helen & Dave Edwards.”

During the afternoon, the agenda of this day of learning included topics such as “Divergent Thinking” with Megan Davis, “Somatics” with Pete Hammil, “Machine Learning” with Helen & Dave Edwards and also “Decision-Making” with Ernesto Weissmann.

Many reflections were made by all the speakers who left the audience  enthusiastic and very participative when given the opportunity to ask questions.

Today, the most important thing is to be a learner.  This requires digital literacy in areas such as Artificial Intelligence and people analytics, and also demands the reinforcement of our inherently human qualities.

Social and experiential learning are the new classroom. Conversations are the new curriculum. And empathy, storytelling, and improvisation are the new leadership qualities.

The Great Unknown took place in the Academy of Sciences, a 16th century convent that is now home to Portugal’s national academy dedicated to the progress of sciences and learning.

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