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by Marta Leite Castro

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HYENA Tailor Made

HYENA reconciles the traditional with the digital. Each model or garment can be personalized in the studio or through the website, and is produced at the studio, with handmade finishes and customized to the taste of each client.

What originated the creation of HYENA?

A passion for fashion, the need to create a differentiating concept and the accomplishment of a dream. After a maternity leave break, an idea came up, consisting of giving people the opportunity to design their own garment and customize it according to their needs and preferences, thus creating a unique item. Through our website anyone can design their model (dress, jumpsuit or suit) by choosing elements such as colors and textures (type of sleeve, type of skirt or trousers, zip color and lining color contrasting with the fabric’s color).

Currently, we have 3 seamstresses and 1 modeler working with us. This work is made in a close environment that allows a follow-up of the entire process. Our finishing is handmade.

How does the Collection work? Do you usually bring in new models?

We have models that last throughout the collection and that are custom-made. See

We also have seasonal collections throughout the year.

Which model is most successful?

Women love jumpsuits. A unique versatile garment, which can be used in many different contexts, simply by changing shoes and accessories. Concerning HYENA models, they vary a lot. It depends on each person’s style. We try to create models with different silhouettes that will adapt to several body types and personal styles.

How do you define the brand?

HYENA is feminine, versatile and comfortable. With sophisticated lines and minimalist cuts that make the garments timeless.

Like a puzzle, all the elements fit together to produce garments according to the taste of each customer. The choice of color, type of sleeve and length of the skirt transform the models into tailor-made items.

Social responsibility is present in the production of unique models that will last beyond trends.  This is HYENA’s contribution to reduce the impact on the environment by promoting a responsible and sustainable consumption.

For what type of women is HYENA?

I see several types of women, with different styles, wearing HYENA.

I would say they are mainly women who like to dress minimalist. Practical, active, simple and at the same time elegant, feminine and sophisticated.

About the Designer and Founder

Catarina de Castro Lopes

«A break can be an opportunity. While awaiting the arrival of her first child, Catarina regained her childhood interest in creating clothing.

She studied Fashion Design, Sewing and Modeling. She began to design her first garments. She took interest on the details that make a difference, the silhouette, the accessories, the colors. She idealized unique models, with handmade finishes and customized to the taste of each client. Thus, HYENA was born, a brand for a unique, versatile, modern women, who is not afraid to assume her femininity.»


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