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by Marta Leite Castro

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Workplace Hub

The Office of the Future is now. Workplace Hub, by Konica Minolta, has arrived.

There are no two identical companies or offices. But all have one aim in common: efficiency. And how do you achieve it in an increasingly fast-paced world, where change is constant?

Open-spaces overthrew offices, coworking gained ground and working in the same company no longer means sharing the same space.

The new technologies conquered the world and IT security became a fundamental issue.

These were just some of the many transformations that force us to face our professional life and its demands in a different way.

Aware of this new paradigm, Konica Minolta created Workplace Hub, an “all in one” solution which optimizes processes, reduces costs and increases productivity and work quality.

With little more than one square metre, Workplace Hub is built and run according to the management of SMEs. The platform connects people, spaces and devices, allowing access to all business usage patterns and real time simplified data.

Services and equipment, nowadays spread throughout the workplace – such as printers, accounting software, human resources management software or backup systems – are therefore centralized and aggregated in just one space, in an efficient and functional way, with all the security and privacy required.

Workplace Hub tailored to your needs

Konica Minolta’s platform also has in mind the impact of the digital transformation on Human Resources. Workplace Hub effortlessly enables the optimization of the communication processes, information flows and collaborative work, meeting, in this way, the needs of the younger generations.

Amongst other advantages, we can highlight the easy and quick access to information; the standardization of knowledge and projects between colleagues and their superiors. This is true even in the case of remote collaboration, that is, when colleagues work together but are geographically apart.

This article was created in association with Konica Minolta.

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