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by Marta Leite Castro

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WYZE Mobility

WYZE Mobility has its first sustainable and shared mobility operation in Lisbon, with a fleet of 260 electric scooters.

In this way, WYZE wants to promote the use of CO2-free urban transport so that users can travel around the city in a safe and practical manner.

How would you describe WYZE Mobility?

WYZE is a Portuguese decarbonised and shared mobility operator offering, initially, mobility services with electric scooters.

We launched the first operation in Lisbon on the 1st of July and, since mid-September, we have begun a pilot operation in the cities of Matosinhos and Porto.

Is sustainable and shared mobility one of the pillars of your brand?

Sustainable and shared mobility is the main pillar of WYZE. Our mission is to offer more efficient and innovative solutions for intra-urban transport, with a strong focus on the decarbonisation of the environment.

What does your loyalty programme, which is based on CO2 savings, consist of?

The Wisdom program is based on CO2 savings as a principle for the accumulation of benefits for our Customers. By using the AYR platform by CEIIA, which works with a growing number of mobility operators with an increasing geographical spread, WISDOM immediately reaches a scale that exceeds the size of WYZE itself – that is, we just need an AYR electronic wallet to use the collected AYRs in any of the other operators with WYZE.

Initially, the AYRs will allow us to convert the ecological footprint into minutes of use in WYZE. We are working together with CEIIA to be able to pay, at least partially, for goods and services with AYRs, as soon as possible.

Which measures of environmental impact do you intend to carry out?

We will develop measures together with local and private entities with the clear objective of ensuring that the environmental footprint of WYZE significantly exceeds the carbon emission savings resulting directly from our operations – in addition to our scooters, the cars and vans with which we support the operation are also electric. We are working on a timeline of decarbonising measures, which we expect to start disclosing very soon.

Is there any chance of having ads on the scooters? How will it work?

Our business model was conceived and developed, from the outset, with the understanding that our vehicles offer an attractive solution for brands, aligned with our values, to communicate with their current and potential customers.

Even before we launched the first operation on the streets of Lisbon, we had already signed a contract with Galp to advertise their Galp Electric brand through our electric scooters.

What is your expansion plan for the company?

WYZE entered the mobility market on the 1st July 2019, with the launch of an operation in Lisbon. In mid-September, during the European Mobility Week, we placed a small fleet of electric scooters on the streets of Porto and Matosinhos, in a trial in partnership with the CEIIA.

Our immediate objective is to consolidate these operations and expand our customer base, which already has more than 2,500 people. The next step, which is already under way, will be to take WYZE to more cities, both in Portugal and abroad, thus starting our international expansion plan. Our goal is to grow both organically, through our operations, or through franchising.

What is the concept of Unobvious Lab + Con Gusto?

Unobvious Lab is the laboratory of ideas where WYZE Mobility was born, being its first spin-off.

With the launch of the first WYZE operation, the Lab gained a physical dimension through the space we opened in Rua das Janelas Verdes, in front of the Museu de Arte Antiga. Because we are restless, insatiable and ambitious and also because we felt immediate attachment and inspiration with the space, we didn’t want WYZE’s house to be just that.

Thus, we wanted to explore all the potential that we saw and see in this space, giving it all the versatility that it asks for. Besides being the operational headquarters of WYZE, Unobvious Lab is, primarily, a meeting point for highly qualified people at various levels, because we know this is the best starting point for any personal or professional project.

Having chosen this space, we decided to bring to life some business ideas that we had already focused on, and we brought in a second of our own brands which was even younger than WYZE – Con Gusto. The concept is a bar & brunch where you can eat and drink at any time of the day, where you feel at home outside your own home. Whether for the comfort of the space, the aesthetic and physical levels, or for the high quality of the products we can choose, or mainly for the human environment of our service and our customers.

How’s the space divided?

Besides WYZE and Con Gusto, at Unobvious Lab we have an art gallery, a coworking space, a decoration and wine shop, a room for private events (meetings, workshops, training classes, pop-ups, lunches and dinners, etc.) and, in the larger space, we have the possibility to hold events of up to 200 people.

Are you open to host events from other companies or brands?

Absolutely. We have had several requests for events ranging from birthdays, family reunions, presentations of products and services to customers, corporate meetups, etc.

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