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by Marta Leite Castro

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Startup Guide

Startup Guide conquering Lisbon.

Necessity or trend, entrepreneurship is here to stay. And there is a project that already put the Portuguese capital in the international spotlight.

To discover and to experiment: these are the challenges launched by Startup Guide Store Lisbon. After Berlin, Lisbon was the chosen city to receive in the end of 2017 the physical store to promote the entrepreneurship guides created by Sissel Hansen. And nothing better for that goal than the feverish space of LX Factory to receive this store, where we can find merchandise items of the project and the rewards of startups based in Lisbon and beyond. Hanging gardens with a northern accent and accessories for urban cyclists made in London are only two of the many proposals worth to discover.

From Berlin to the world

It began in 2012 when Sissel Hansen exchanged Copenhagen for the open and entrepreneurial spirit of Berlin. But soon it found difficult to gather useful information in how to start a business. To give up was not an option to this Danish girl and she took the decision to transform this difficulty in a business opportunity, allowing this information to become accessible to other entrepreneurs. This was the origin of a document with data and useful contacts that helped, after some denials of investors, to create the first Startup Guide. We were in 2014 and the guide sold off in less than 48 hours.

Berlin was just the start. Today, Startup Guide has editions dedicated to several European and Middle Eastern cities such as London, Stockholm, Vienna, Madrid and Tel Aviv. The project will expand to the American continent with Miami and New York to be covered this year. Lisbon joined this trend in 2016, by the time of Web Summit. The Lisbon edition was coordinated by Beta-i and it had the support of Lisbon’s City Hall, Microsoft and SAP.

An indispensable tool

What is the secret of this English guide designed for the ones that invest in or create a startup in the Portuguese capital? The answer lies in the tips, recommendations and examples of case studies presented in a layout dominated by innovation and creativity. The guides also pays a special attention to startups, entrepreneurs and the Lisbon ecosystem, including also a chapter with tips of what to do and what to avoid in the path to success.

For Hansen, the entrepreneurial spirit of Lisbon is based on people. The financial crisis instilled a desire for change that, according with the mentor behind Startup Guide World, led to the will to change and start new projects. And this is the spirit that continue to drive the project in Portuguese lands. Startup Guide Lisbon can be the beginning, but the Portuguese spirit of entrepreneurship goes beyond the Portuguese capital and, therefore, there is a new guide projected. Next stop: Oporto city.

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